A GREAT Site and Group for Reparational Genealogy

colorful africaI just stumbled into something wonderful! It turns out that I have African-American cousins. Not surprising, but very good news. In connecting with them on Facebook by way of Ancestry.com, I was invited to join an FB group called DNA Tested African Descendants. I hope to find more cousins there. It is a closed group, but if you are African-American and are utilizing DNA testing, you should apply. It is a very professional and focused group.

Their goal is to help African-Americans test their DNA from as many different companies as is feasible, post the raw data from all tests on FTDNA, DNA.land and GEDmatch.com, and then work together to find relations both here and in Africa.

That’s the exciting part – Africans from various nations have tested, and this group has helped people to find the African nations of their forbears!

This is the essence of Reparational Genealogy. In this case, it is mostly Blacks helping Blacks, but White cousins and Reparational Genealogists seem to be welcome.

The group also has a wonderful website, and I urge you to visit it. It is also called DNA Tested African Descendants.

This is the future of genealogy, friends. We must work together to find the answers for families who were systematically destroyed and then repeatedly torn apart for over 400 years. It is the best form of reparation possible – restored identity.