I can't believe how much and how quickly Carolynn was able to learn about my family! Starting with only a small amount of basic information, she tracked my dad's roots all the way back to the earliest settlers in Canada, found generations of my mom's people all in the same state and county, and provided me with important medical and health information about my biological father. I never would have learned all this on my own. I look forward to continuing to work with Ancestors Alive! and I highly recommend Carolynn.

Curt B.

Carolynn at Ancestors Alive! is very experienced and very thorough. With diligent probing of records, she finds variations in family names, accurate birth and death dates, family emigration patterns from the Old World to the New, and fascinating accounts of the participation of family members in America's great historical events. Much of what she comes up with in a serious search casts a very different light on long-held notions among family members about their collective history. Enlightening and entertaining!

Patrick D.

Carolynn at Ancestors Alive! has the right blend, of mystery, drive and thirst for research. Putting the pieces of the puzzle that is ancestry research can be a winding path and yet Carolynn loves the pursuit of knowledge building a family tree and finding what that family history can offer to an individual and or a community. She is an excellent choice for ancestry research!

Sean C.

I am so grateful that I found Carolynn and Ancestors Alive! Genealogy! I received excellent customer service and the individual attention I was looking for. I can honestly say it was worth every penny! I really got what paid for and then some! I really appreciated the reasonable rates and extraordinary efforts of Ancestors Alive! My story: I had been looking for vital statistics about my great-grandmother for many years. Despite many promising leads, I found myself continually "barking up" many wrong and twisted trees. In January 2016, I was contacted by maternal uncle who was preparing our family history in preparation for a for a future exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. This exhibit would honor would my late great-grandfather and his descendants including his beloved wife. I was referred to Ancestors Alive! Genealogy by a friend and immediately was assisted. I was provided many new resources and AAG even did additional research and discovered a newspaper article featuring my great-grandmother. With the information found in this article, along with the countless and time efforts of AAG, I was able after 10+ years of searching find ALL the information for not only my great-grandmother, but several other relatives as well. I would highly recommend Carolynn and Ancestors Alive! Genealogy to anyone who is looking to take the next step in their search. Carolynn goes beyond just building a family tree or simple research, she provides tools to unite families! Thank you, Ancestors Alive!

Melissa K.

THANK YOU for the fantastic work you did on our family tree. You confirmed, and dispelled, several family myths, and I can't wait to share this with my folks when I visit them. I know it makes the work easier when you have a DNA sample, and I was impressed at all you accomplished without one. We now have clarity for five generations on both sides of my family, thanks to you! I was surprised that there was a little "creative intermarriage" between families on my Ohio side (populations were smaller back then, right?), and it's a pleasure to know where our Hamilton ancestors are buried. I'm proud that one of our Hamilton ancestors came north and fought for the Union during the Civil War. Lastly, thank you for your reasonable rates - to say nothing of your persistence and resourcefulness!

James R.

Carolynn helped launch my family search quest. Prior to us meeting, I felt scared and insecure about Family History. I felt intimidated by the different platforms. I kept making excuses for not getting started with the work. She introduced me to a fun new hobby. Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org are so user-friendly. Thank you for coaching me with tips and anecdotes - it made our lesson fun and interactive.

Carolynn made the work seem fun and easy and also entertaining, dispelling the misconception that this hobby is only for itty bitty old ladies. If I can do it, anyone can do it! I'd love to work with her again as I've tapped the tip of the iceberg here. I can tell there is a whole world of my ancestors to discover and she's the teacher to help me do it. I feel like by doing this I am discovering myself.

Juliana S.

I am taking lessons with Ancestors Alive!, and Carolynn has made the class fun. She leaves me wanting to learn more. I am a visual person rather than a reader. She teaches in a way that works for me.

I was REALLY impressed when she was able to pronounce my maiden name without telling her how to say it. NO ONE has been able to do that before. That day I felt a little closer to my family.

I appreciate all the patience she gave to me and her class. Thank you again for everything. I'm even more impressed that she is willing to come to you in person or meet up at another place. She is passionate about this work, and that is what makes me want to learn more, because of the zest she has for this. I could go on and on. I wish I could give her more than 5 stars!

Amy C.

I'm so grateful for the work Carolynn did with me to help me dig deep into my family tree. It was amazing how many old memories came back to me and also the amount I learned about the ones I loved. Carolynn is an expert and made the experience really wonderful.

Giovanni M.

For 2 years, Carolynn has helped me with my genealogy and assisted me building my family tree. I needed to find my ancestors, and she has been marvelous throughout the process. She has guided me to locate family members, lost records, and enabled me to get in contact with them as well. I consider her my mentor when it comes to this very important work. She has an incredible skill, outstanding knowledge, and she is an expert in family history work.

I never met anyone who has more passion about this important work than Carolynn. I truly and sincerely recommend you to hire this young lady to assist you doing your family history work. She has been a huge blessing in my life and in the lives of my family members.

Bill W.

Carolynn is amazing at finding every detail. She just did my husbands family tree. It’s amazing. Her work is thorough, and she is so pleasant to speak with. Not to mention her keen sense of humor throughout the whole process. I highly recommend her for finding out your family history and family tree.

Jane R.

Carolynn is thorough, fast, and a pleasure to work with. She digs deep and has a real knack for unearthing the stories that go along with the names and dates. Within a couple of hours she even introduced me to a new cousin! Thank you!

Joanna T.

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