What Are Your Favorite Family Recipes?

This may seem an odd place for a food discussion, but bear with me.

I am in a wonderful genealogy group on Facebook called DNA Tested African Descendants. The administrator is so good at eliciting responses and building conversations around a variety of topics! It’s a very enjoyable group.

The admin asked about family foods, but as we are coming into the holiday season for many religions and cultures, I want to broaden the question.

  • Who were the great cooks and bakers in your family?
  • Did they grow their own food?
  • What are your favorite dishes that your parents and grandparents used to make?
  • What foods from childhood do you miss?
  • What were your favorite holiday foods?
  • Would you share a recipe with us here?

Please post your replies here on the blog, or on the Facebook page. Thanks so much, and may your holidays be enjoyable!

PS: Plan ahead and use family get-togethers as a time to record your relatives’ stories on audio recording.

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